Allied Aviation performs the following but not limited to function while operating a Fixed Based Operation (FBO). Allied will track all incoming aircraft and make preparations in advance of arrival. Below is a list of services that Allied uses.

Pre-Arrival: Our customer service representatives will constantly monitor all air-to-ground radio communications via any airport’s frequency. We check our local database system to identify customer preferences and any advance requests. Customer service representatives will be notified of arrival times and service requirements.

Arrival: After marshalling inbound aircraft and positioning it to a complete stop, Allied’s lines service personnel will place wheel chocks to ensure aircraft remains stationary. Safety cones will also be placed strategically around wings, engines, nose and tail. We deploy a red carpet at the bottom of the aircraft steps for deplaning passengers and crew. After passengers deplane, customer service representatives will unload all luggage and offer assistance to crewmembers with any post duties. At which point we shuttle our guests to the General Aviation Terminal where they can utilize the facility and receive the following services.

  • Greeting crews and passengers with red carpet treatment
  • Assistance with parking, baggage and cargo
  • Hanger space/ Tie Down
  • Provider courtesy shuttle
  • Assist and arrange in procuring hotel reservations and car rentals
  • Contract fueling services
  • Courtesy cars
  • Lav/Portable water service
  • Aircraft clearing
  • Facilitate aircraft maintenance through a third party vendor
  • Oxygen/nitrogen/compressed air services
  • Common aircraft lubricants
  • Comfortable passenger lounge
  • Comprehensive business facilities with conference room
  • Assistance for departing passengers, baggage and/or cargo
  • Pilot snooze room with shower facility
  • Access to weather information services - to receive current and forecast weather
  • Flight planning services
  • Full Internet access, TV, phone, fax, copier and business services
  • Hot and cold beverages and vending machines
  • Aircraft positioning
  • Aircraft relocation
  • Aircraft ground power

Departure: Line service personnel will assist with the removal of chocks and engine covers and marshal all departing aircraft. Aircraft will not begin taxiing until the technician has verified that safe movement is possible.


Gander International Airport – Gander, Newfoundland, Canada

Allied owns and operates a full service FBO that provides a large array of general aviation services at Gander since 1948. Below is a list of services that they provide:

  • 24/7 Line Services
  • Contract fueling services
  • Courtesy Cars
  • Hanger Space/ Tie downs
  • Assist and arrange in procuring hotel reservations and car rentals
  • Limo/Transportation
  • Pilot relaxation room with shower facility
  • Conference room
  • Internet access
  • Metrological flight planning
  • Lav/Water services
  • Ground power units
  • Catering
  • Oxygen/Nitrogen/Compressed Air

Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport, - Dallas, Texas

Allied has provided all general aviation fueling since 1972. The FBO is operated by the Airport Authority and we have been contracted by them to perform all general aviation fueling services at the airport. We provide all manpower, equipment, materials, and expertise to perform these services.

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