Allied Aviation was responsible for fueling approximately 1.72 million flights in 2006. Both the airlines and Allied Aviation measure performance based on timeliness, quality, safety, accuracy, and professionalism. Allied Aviation has consistently exceeded strict operating criteria in all of these areas. As airlines operate on tight flight schedules, the timely refueling of aircraft becomes extremely critical to overall operating performance. Allied Aviation uses its scheduling experience and its cross-trained cadre of employees to ensure that all commitments are met in a timely manner. Allied Aviation delivers the exact amounts of fuel and maintains timely and accurate records of all deliveries. At any time, Allied Aviation can provide its customers with detailed and accurate records of fuel deliveries and dispensals. Allied Aviation has developed and implemented various Management Information Systems to generate these records for its customers. With respect to all of its activities, Allied Aviation pays strict attention to environment, health and safety regulations and policies.  In addition our fuelers go through an extensive amount of training prior to fueling any aircraft.

Allied Aviation has been actively involved in developing and continually improving Environmental Management Systems and Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures Plans. Rigorous awareness training programs have been developed by Allied Aviation to ensure that our employees always conduct themselves in a safe and environmentally conscious manner.


Below are some of the services, procedures and training that constitute Allied Aviation Into-Plane Fueling Services:

  • Fueling and De-fueling of all types of commercial and general aviation aircraft according to ATA 103, FAR 14 CFR, CASE, JIG and each airline fueling manual
  • Hydrant Cart Fueling Procedures
  • Tanker Truck Fueling¬†Procedures
  • Verify Fuel Loads on Panel
  • Tow Unit Fueling Procedures
  • Record filter differential pressure and product temperature on all fueling assignments
  • Inoperative Gauge Procedures
  • Fuel Conversion - Cases may arise where it will be necessary to convert fuel quantity from pounds to¬†gallons and gallons to pounds
  • Topping Procedures
  • Maintain accurate and complete records of fueling assignments on truck sheet and fueling tickets
  • Bottom Loading Procedures
  • Distribution of fueling tickets to various parties

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